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Reference and Information Request Management

"We were asked to do more with less and RefTracker helped us do it."  - Reed Smith, LLP

Whether in person or by phone, text, email or Internet, reference specialists today see an unprecedented range of information and service requests. We assist in addressing these challenges by providing technology that supports your ability to:

envelope invite    invite patron interaction through various portals

book interpret    interpret patron requests

binder inform    inform patrons of the best options going forward

Altarama’s products focus solely on organizations such as libraries, corporations, museums and archives. Behind the scenes, our technology helps to manage the mechanical processes of reference.

We aid in managing the intake, assignment and response development of each request, as well as enable the construction of a more useful work product. Responses and detailed statistics can be delivered in the most efficient ways no matter what the size or requirements of your organization.


Everything you need to manage a request


"One click" statistics for your service desks


Chat or SMS/text with your library users

RefTracker Express

RefTracker features needed for smaller reference services

DeskStats Plus

Add complex statistics and capture requests needing follow up work from your service desks


When your reference staff can’t be there, ours can!