Our Vision

Altarama knows the importance of the request answering services that information organizations provide.

We believe that as the amount of information on the Internet swells, the assistance that librarians/information assistants are providing is becoming more and more important to patrons and to the success of your organization.




Our mission statement is to Unify, Simply and Quantify the work of our information request answering service customers.
Unify by making all of the work and resultant knowledge accessible from any location according to your security policies.
Simplify by providing logical, easy to use, systems that make delivering information in response to requests, more efficient and rewarding for the staff doing this work.
Quantify by providing useful statistics about the work done, simply by doing the work - no extra steps just to record statistics. 


Delivering good reasons for end users to be seeking out your services into the future


Every interaction that you have with an end user leaves an impression on that user.  Good impressions ensure repeat users and users who tell others about their good experiences.

Libraries and other information services know the importance of collection development on their circulation statistics.  We encourage and assist our customers to cultivate good impressions of their non-circulation functions - we call it Patron interaction service development.

We make it easy for our customers to envisage and create opportunities for increased and improved patron interaction, and we provide the means to measure the services being provided and obtain feedback to improve those services and add new ones.


Improved statistics and feedback mean:

  • Your limited resources are being allocated to the right areas.
  • Opportunities to deliver new or different services are recognised.
  • Issues are addressed in a timely fashion.
  • Good service is recognized and enhanced.
  • The burgeoning workload of invisible conversations that are so important to supporting your community's Internet users, is captured.


Good tools to achieve this:

  • Capture quantitative and qualitative data about all your different types of patron interactions so they can be measured and analyzed, without extra staff effort.
  • Facilitate staff working better as one team that takes advantage of individual skills and time availability.
  • Manage on-going interactions to achieve a quality response, whilst saving staff time and beating response time expectations.
  • Encourage feedback and analyze it.
  • Facilitate going out to the client rather than the client having to come into the library/information service.


See more information about the good tools that Altarama provides to help you achieve all of this - see RefTrackerDeskStats, and RefStaffing, or contact our helpful staff for assistance.