What is the right product for me?

You run a Request management service and Altarama has lots of products that sound like they can help. But what is the right product for you? You can choose whichever combination of these products that suits your need, and as always Altarama’s staff are ready to provide assistance.

When should I consider an online reference service like RefChatter?


  • If most of your requests can be dealt with on the spot.
  • If you are aiming to satisfy a client base that are chat technology savvy and have an instant gratification attitude, such as students.
  • If the aim of your service is more about teaching clients to find information for themselves than doing the research for them.
  • If you have staff who like to use chat technology, and have time to spend being online with clients.


When should I consider a research management system like RefTracker?


  • If you need to manage questions that need to be researched.
  • If you need to be able to handle different types of requests in different ways.
  • If you want to see all the work your request answering team is handling, in one place, so that your staff can work together as one team to respond to them.
  • If you can see the efficiencies of being able to refer to your entire body of responses when similar new requests, or want to make your previous answers available for client to search or view as an FAQ.
  • If your staff don’t have time to spend online with clients, or if the research required by your clients requires more time than is efficient to have both the client and the staff member online while it is done. It can be up to five times less staff time intensive to answer a request through RefTracker, than through a chat product like RefChatter.


Which RefTracker do I need – Express or the full RefTracker system?


  • You will need full RefTracker if your staff work in more than one time zone, or work as more than one team, or you handle more than 4 types of requests in different ways, or you need integration with other computer systems.
  • RefTracker Express will be right for you, if you are a small request answering services – one where a maximum of 3 staff working as one team, need to be online at any point in time.


Do I need DeskStats or DeskStatsPlus or DeskStats as a part of a full RefTracker system?


  • DeskStats is for those services that do not need to manage questions that need follow-up research. Statistics from a single click (or screen touch) mean less work to gather and analyse statistics about your “on the spot” responses. Great for use at service Desks!
  • DeskStatsPlus adds an option to gather more sophisticated statistics than can be collected with a single click, and to provide standard reference interviews for requests that need follow up, so that a email about the follow up required is immediately sent to the area that handles that type of research or service. It provides stats for “on the spot” and follow –up research, but does not manage the follow up research. Even better for use at service desks!.
  • If you want to see all the information about all your requests in one place, so that your staff can work together as one team to respond to them.
  • DeskStats in the Full RefTracker product provides single click statistics for your “on the spot” services, management of questions that require follow up, options for clients to submit requests themselves through your web pages, options to manage requests coming in via email, and much more. RefTracker is best for organisations where service desks are just a part of the services provided.



Everything you need to manage your request workload


RefTracker Express

RefTracker features needed for smaller reference services



“One click” statistics for your service desks



Add complex statistics and capture requests needing follow up from your service desks



Chat or SMS/text with your library users



When your reference staff can’t be there, ours can!