DeskStats Benefits


Service desk staff don't like spending time recording statistics, so give them a product that does it in as little as one click or touch - your staff will love using it!  DeskStats is so easy to use you will find your statistics are immediately more accurate.  And DeskStats means there is no more counting ticks - statistical analysis can also be done in just a few clicks.  With staff spending less time recording their statistics, and less time being spent on reporting with more meaningful reporting of them, DeskStats pays for itself from day one.

Efficient for every type of user

Each user can customise their DeskStats to be most efficient for the particular types of requests that they handle, so DeskStats is easy to use, even for very large organisations with a large number of services provided.

Statistics are simple and flexible

The information recorded by your staff is immediately available for analysis.  No counting ticks!  Built in reports allow analysis by all the different types of data collected, and the raw data can be exported to Excel, XML, or .csv compliant reporting tools, for custom analysis.
More meaningful statistics, captured and analyzed in far less time.

Simple to use means better statistics

Because DeskStats is so easy to use, staff training is minimal, and staff will record more accurate statistics.  Batch mode even allows statistics to be recorded in arrears, when staff perform multiple services, or perform them away from a computer.

Freedom to gather statistics anywhere

Use DeskStats on a tablet or phone while you provide assistance on the run -  DeskStats is even easier to use on a touch screen!.

Extensively customisable

A single click records at least the date and time the service was provided, where it was provided, by whom or at what service desk it was provided, type of request, time taken to provide the service.  Other attributes of the service that can be recorded with the same or additional clicks include how the request was received, whether it was successfully provided or not, a textual comment, and a number of other attributes as per your requirements e.g. Department or Faculty.

Add features to DeskStats as you need them

DeskStats provides the ideal tool for Service points where the majority of requests are answered "on the spot".  Upgrade to DeskStatsPlus if you want to add forms for gathering complex statistics, or where you want Service desks staff to record the details of requests that need follow-up by other areas.  Add other RefTracker features if you need them. 

Simple, affordable pricing

Ask us for a quote or start a trial and we will provide a quote.  You will be pleased with the cost effectiveness when you see the time saved by staff recording services provided, and the time saved when producing statistical reports.

Full function free trial

We know you will like it if you try it - our trials provide assistance with set up, provide plenty of time for real use evaluation using a fully featured system, and have no strings attached. During the trial, you'll build your real service, and can even put it into live use before any payment.