Really useful statistics recorded with as little as one click or touch.  No counting ticks, yet comprehensive statistical analysis is achieved.  

Unique grid for one click data entry

  • Customizable columns allow Time used to deliver the service, to be selected.
  • Customisable rows show the Types of services you provide, gathered into logical groups to make them easy to select.
  • Users or Service locations log in at the start of their shift so the system can record who, or what service location, provided the service.
  • Clicking in the right grid box shows the time the service was delivered - both date and time are recorded.
  • Other attributes such as Staff location, Client location, and how the question was Received are defaulted to the most common value and so only need to be changed if different for a specific service.
  • Additional attributes can be added to the Details section to allow additional data to be collected.
  • A comments field allows a description to be provided - summary of the service, or a collection development comment, for example.
  • A Resources function can be customized for other data collection purposes, but is usually used to obtain statistics about the resources proving useful in responding to requests.

Batch mode

  • Operators can choose between Live and Batch mode, and even swap between them as appropriate.
  • Batch mode can record all the same details as Live mode, but it allows the date and time to be selected, and it allows quantities to be entered.  Great for backlogs and when multiple services are provided.
  • Certain levels of user can enter statistics on behalf of others, and Supervisors and above can enter adjustments.

Ease of use means more accurate statistics

  • The data entry grid makes entering statistics so easy staff will enter more accurate statistics.
  • DeskStats is totally Web-based so it can be used on mobile devices, meaning statistics can be gathered wherever the service was provided.
  • Customise the layout to suit what your organisation needs to record.
  • Each user can customise their DeskStats so that scrolling is eliminated for their type of work - it stays efficient to use no matter how many types of services your organisation provides.

Meaningful statistics

  • Analyse your recorded statistics by any attribute using a number of integrated standard reports and just a few clicks.  
    For example - statistics by every hour of every day of the week to align staffing to load.
  • If further reporting is required you can take all the recorded data out for analysis using a .csv compliant report writer.

 No IT assistance required

  • Use it as a hosted system managed by Altarama, or install it in-house.  Its your choice.  Either way you are entitled to new releases at no additional charge, whenever they become available.  Upgrades are loaded by Altarama for hosted systems.
  • Customisation tools are all built in - no IT assistance required! Set up assistance is provided by Altarama  support staff.
  • Assistance is available from Altarama support staff whenever you need help or have a question, on an ongoing basis.
  • Housekeeping happens automatically - no IT assistance required!

Just DeskStats, or add features as needed

  • If you just want to know the level of assistance being provided by your Service Desks or staff, DeskStats is all you need.  It is the right product if the majority of services you provide are completed "on the spot".
  • Use DeskStatsPlus if  you want to count services referred to other areas for follow-up, if you want the referral process to happen without staff having to know the email address that each type of follow-up work needs to go to, or if you need to record statistics with more details than can be adequately collected with just one click.  DeskStats users can upgrade to DeskStatsPlus at any time it becomes appropriate.
  • DeskStats is part of the full RefTracker product.  You can add any other full RefTracker product features, or upgrade to the full RefTracker product at any time, if it becomes appropriate for you.  Add a knowledge base. Add productivity features for responding to requests that need follow- up.  Monitor your workload of requests that need follow-up, and a whole lot more.