A complete solution for service desks – one click statistics, PLUS statistics of any complexity, PLUS capture and email delivery of requests that need followup by your other staff or departments.


Everything in DeskStats, PLUS:


  • Forms for collecting complex statistics such as statistics about training provided.

  • Forms for collecting the details of requests that need follow up by other areas.

  • Unlimited number of forms and layouts to efficiently collect the exact statistics you need to collect.

  • Form design customised to your needs by Altarama - no need for IT assistance.  There is a small charge per customised form.

  • Statistics about your entire Service desk operations.

  • Operate your service desk with Students or Volunteers as the forms provide everything they need to know about collecting stats and details of requests that need answering by other areas.

  • Plus options to add RefTracker features as you need them.  You might want to add the ability to collect questions and answers as a knowledge base, or to monitor requests referred to other areas until they are responded to.  You can even upgrade to the full RefTracker or RefTracker Express set of features providing integrated efficiency and management tools for responding to requests that need follow up.


Specialized interface specifically for Service Points

  • Direct access to DeskStats for "on the spot" services, forms for more complicated statistical reporting, and forms for collection of requests that need follow up by another area, all from the one easy to use interface.
  • Use it at your service points and for rovers.
  • Use it at a desktop with a keyboard and mouse, or on a touch screen such as a tablet.
  • Customize it, and add forms to meet the needs of each Service Point, without IT assistance.

Forms for sophisticated data collection

  • Unlimited forms.
  • Unlimited fields per form.
  • Labels and type of data collected set to match your specific needs.
  • Just enter the data and click "Submit" - could not be more efficient.
  • "Stay on this page" makes for efficient entry of multiple similar services.
  • Data collected is immediately available for statistical analysis.

Forms for request follow up

  • Unlimited forms.
  • Unlimited fields per form.
  • Labels and type of data collected set to match your specific needs.
  • Just enter the data and click "submit".  No need for Service Desk staff to know the email address that this type of follow-up needs to go to as it is built into the form - allowing your service desk to be manned by untrained staff.
  • Data collected about this request is immediately available for statistical analysis, even though the answer will be provided elsewhere.


Forms for any purpose!

  • The uses for forms are limited only by your imagination.
  • Here's an example of one designed to collect service desk shift manager reports.
  • What else do you want to collect statistics for, collect information about, or collect details of so that new or different services can be offered?

Comprehensive statistics for all data captured

  • DeskStatsPlus can be used to give you a complete statistical picture of the requests coming into your organization!
  • Just click a DeskStat, or complete a form and “Submit”, and statistics are automatically captured for all the data entered.
  • A summary of your request statistics can be obtained with just a few clicks.
  • A comprehensive range of reports is also provided, and all data collected can be exported for ad hoc analysis.