RefChatter Benefits


In a world of many virtual service options, RefChatter stands out as a trusted, modern, software platform reflecting years of hands-on experience and feedback from users. Every aspect of the system is designed for efficiencyflexibilityexpansion, and innovation.

We believe you deserve tools that help you design your virtual services, not hinder you with artificial restrictions. We also believe that with Altarama's hands on implementation, training, and customer support, this powerful tool will help you reach your user community more effectively.

Importantly, this is also a service that you can implement quickly and at a surprising low cost.

A powerful yet easy to operate chat and SMS/text service platform

Dedicated support team

RefChatter is a hosted, web based solution with no IT resources required for implementation or ongoing support. Altarama's dedicated support team provides all the resources necessary for a successful service through implementation assistance, training, and support.

Flexibility in staffing

Using RefChatter any number of staff can monitor multiple queues and can maintain multiple, concurrent online reference sessions.  You can even share staffing responsibilities through consortia or RefStaffing, or have your service entirely provided by RefStaffing. 

Integration with RefTracker and RefTracker Express

With RefChatter, if a chat guest needs further research, you can tag the chat for follow up in your RefTracker system. It will create a request in RefTracker that is assigned to the appropriate staff for resolution.

Extensive testing before version releases or updates

We know how important it is to stay connected to your user community. Our developers put any new updates or version releases through a rigorous testing cycle before they are ever released. This helps us deliver a product that is stable and reliable.

Unparalleled, unrestricted free trial

Our trials are 60 days in length, fully-featured, and have no strings attached. During the trial, you can build your real service, and even put it into production before payment is due.

Servers across the world

We offer our servers in the US, Canada, and Asia/Pacific. Choose the closest for best performance.