Answer questions from your website visitors, in real time. RefChatter routes chats to all available staff, to targeted staff sub-groups, or even individuals.


Chat widgets for website visitors

  • Customizable, white-label chat widgets.
  • Accessible via assistive technology.
  • Configurable chat widget behaviours: embed on a page, expand in a corner, or pop out into separate window. 
  • Secured with SSL encryption. 
  • Optional transcript storage.
  • Integrated file sharing and e-mail transcript functions.
  • Works with any Content Management System (CMS).
  • Integrates with Facebook, EBSCO, Summon, & more.

Answering incoming web chats

  • Answer chats from your computer, tablet, or smartphone from any browser.
  • Transfer chats between colleagues.
  • Integrated file sharing and e-mail transcript functions.
  • Can't fully answer? Tag any chat for later follow-up or pass it to your RefTracker request management system.
  • Busy? Finish current questions before receiving new ones.
  • Customizable canned (pre-scripted) responses.
  • Block abusive visitors.
  • Screenshare with the patron. 

Guests can text in the questions using the texting/SMS module.  RefChatter routes texts to available staff and saves texts sent after-hours for delivery later.

 Guests text your dedicated number

  • No short code or keyword combinations.
  • Guests can add you to their contacts.
  • Connect guests who call instead of text to your regular phone or helpdesk.
  • Guests texting after-hours receive your custom auto-reply. Staff can reply when your service is next available.
  • Available for US, Canada, UK, Switzerland, Sweden, Australia, and more.

Answering text messages

  • No phone or other hardware needed.
  • Same interface for answering both texts and website chats.
  • Transfer texts between colleagues and organizations.
  • Integrates with after-hours back-up staffing.
  • Integrated file sharing and e-mail transcript functions.
  • Texts received after-hours are auto-delivered next shift.

Customizable workflows, built-in collaboration tools, and comprehensive statistics work in concert, creating an indispensable online resource for guests.

Assessment and quality control

  • Monitor on-going chats in real-time. Intervene if needed by transferring chats to another person, branch, or department.
  • Browse chats and statistics. Download chat metadata in CSV format for import into your favorite spreadsheet program.
  • Analyze your service and traffic trends with interactive graphs. Data downloadable in CSV format.
  • Comprehensive reporting: chats by hour and day of week, chats per month, chats per queue, wait times by operator.

Collaboration and Workflow

  • Route guests to specific experts or groups (depts, branches).
  • Route guests between groups based upon staff availability.
  • Use private IM and conference rooms to connect staff.
  • Visual cues to show staff where a guest starts a chat.
  • Build profiles staff can reference when answering chats. Shared credentials, common links, assignment hints & more.
  • Integrate your current e-mail reference system, or for better control integrate it with your RefTracker Request Management System.
  • Your subscription can cover your entire organization - Library, Student services, Enrolment enquiries, and more.

Use RefChatter collaboratively, across organizations at no additional charge. And take advantage of high quality, affordable back-up staffing services via RefStaffing.


Collaborations & Consortia

  • Share staffing responsibilities amongst your Consortia partners.
  • Chat with colleagues at other organizations.
  • Cross-refer and transfer guests between organizations.
  • Flexible guest routing between local and partners.

 RefStaffing back-up staffing

  • RefStaffing uses professional MLS librarians who love providing online reference.
  • Experienced with both academic and public libraries.
  • Flexible options: cover 24/7, or whenever your in-house service is offline, or select hours. The choice is yours.
  • Delivers high quality and effective services.
  • Help to implement your service and generate reports.
  • Allocated Altarama support representative who ensures ongoing optimal service delivery.