RefStaffing Benefits


RefStaffing provides high quality staffing options for virtual reference services at prices that make sense - just after hours coverage, or full service delivery. Your resources are available 24/7- now you can offer your patrons help 24/7 too. Watch your service statistics rise when your patrons know that you will be there whenever they call.

Why use RefStaffing?

Improved Quality of Service

RefStaffing provides operators who love doing online reference!  The service quality is excellent and you can log in to see the statistics and transcripts that prove it, at any time.

Longer Service Hours

Extend your hours or provide 24/7 service at surprisingly reasonable costs.

Improved Patron Usage

Longer hours and better service mean increased patronage.  Watch your service statistics rise as your patrons come to know about the better, extended, service.

Reduced Cost

Use a portion of one of our staff members instead of allocating a whole staff member of your own. It makes sense that its cost effective!

Simple, affordable pricing

Contact us for a quote.  You'll be surprised at the price! What hours do you need covered?  What days of the week?  What are your current service statistics, or patron body size?

Not sure - want to prove it will work for you?

Short contracts are available so you can try our service, without any long term commitments.

Quality Reference service staffing options -
Fully contracted or just when your staff can't

Short Contracts are Available
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