RefTracker Benefits

RefTracker is the most comprehensive reference and request management system available for organizations that deliver information in response to requests, such as libraries, museums, archives, galleries and business information centers. Whether installed locally or hosted by us, this web-based software is specifically designed to help you manage the growing range of request management workflows faced by your organization today.

Altarama understands the importance of your request answering functions to the future of your information delivery service.  When a service is this important you need a specialised tool, like RefTracker, that allows you to deliver the best possible services because it reflects how information delivery organizations operate. 


"RefTracker just keeps getting
better and better!"
Director, Medical Resource Centre

Do more with less - use RefTracker!

Improved Service


  • Provide responses faster by using tools that reduce the typing involved such as standard clauses and email templates.
  • Improve the quality of responses through use of pre- defined text and workflow controls.
  • Requests are never lost or forgotten when in RefTracker.
  • When support or guidance is needed, Altarama's staff provide fast and knowledgeable help!


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Improved teamwork


  • With everything about a request in one place, work can be easily passed between staff according to their skills and availability - essential in work from home scenarios.
  • Work can be auto-allocated to the most appropriate staff.
  • Flexibility to work how you need to work and where you need to work (every user sees dates and times in their local format and local time zone).
  • Each user sees RefTracker how they need to see it for their workload.
  • Handles both internal and external requests (with separate statistics), so everyone can see the entire workload in one place.


Reduced time and costs


  • Removes duplicated research through use of previous work in the knowledge base.
  • Removes the separate step of recording statistics.
  • Can track the value of work done verifying the value of your services versus its cost to run.
  • Less time to create responses, and less housekeeping to automatically manage tasks.
  • Less time to create and analyze statistics.
  • Free regular administrator training webinars.
  • No need to involve your IT department.


Better Management


  • View and manage the entire (internal and external) workload from one screen.
  • Better statistics to justify staffing and resources.
  • Option to review work of trainees before sending.
  • Helpful standard reports, and the ability to export all data for any other analysis you may need.


RefTracker is the system you need to manage all your reference workflows.

Unlimited customized forms

RefTracker allows you to create forms to fit your patrons' needs, without the need of assistance from your IT department!  Each form has its own URL and can be embedded directly on a webpage or placed anywhere as a link.  Forms can be modified or new forms added to ensure you are collecting all the information needed to answer your patrons effectively and in a timely manner.

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Knowledge base and FAQs

RefTracker creates more than just an extensive and searchable knowledge base to assist your staff.  It also allows you to customize your database to allow clients to search questions that have been pre-approved as knowledge base articles or as FAQs.


Variety of ways to receive requests

Clients can easily submit questions from a link on your web page, or through an embedded form.  Questions can also be imported from email, or manually submitted by your own staff.

Integration with other services

Automatically insert item data from your library catalog, obtain client contact details from your membership database, pass data collected in RefTracker to your billing system, and more.  RefTracker can also integrate with many of Altarama's services such as RefChatter and RefStaffing.

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Quality controls

Managers have a variety of tools at their disposal in RefTracker to monitor the quality of answers provided by staff members to their patrons. Canned messages allow for pre-approved answers to be selected for commonly asked questions. User permissions can also direct answers submitted by novice staff into a queue to be approved by senior staff before going out to the patron.

Tools for teamwork

Questions come into a queue and are visible by all staff members. The questions can be either automatically or manually transferred to specific groups or staff members who specialize in certain areas, can be picked up by the first available staff member, or transferred to a 3rd party, depending on which works better for your team. The staff knowledge base also keeps answers to questions, and is searchable by the entire staff.

Relevant and powerful reports

Statistics and summary reports give you a clear view of what kind of requests your staff is receiving and can help you better manage your organization's resources.

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