The most comprehensive reference and request
management system available today - with special features for information providing organizations like Libraries, Museums, Archives and Business research teams


Controls timeliness and quality of reference request responses

  • Unlimited forms that are easy to use and can be customized to ensure you are capturing the information needed to respond to your patrons requests effectively.
  • DeskStats module included for one-click recording of "on the spot" services.
  • Requests can be manually assigned to staff or automatically assigned according to key fields set up in your forms.
  • Requests can be assigned to individuals or brought to the attention of groups.
  • Responses can be marked as re-usable to simplify and expedite the answers to reoccurring questions.
  • Single click view showing the status of all open questions.
  • Comprehensive knowledge base can be customized for client facing knowledge articles and FAQs.

Manages requests in a variety of ways

  • Staff can manually enter information requests for patrons.
  • Forms can be accessed through web links or embedded on a web page for patrons to submit requests.  
  • Requests can be submitted via email and automatically imported into RefTracker.
  • Correspond with clients by embedded email throughout the response process with the ability to attach files to answers.
  • RefTracker can be integrated with RefChatter allowing you to handle incoming chats and texts (for an additional fee).
  • Reallocate questions to or request assistance from other staff members, groups, or 3rd party workflows.
  • RefTracker allows the librarian to reopen, change, or copy an existing question.
  • Also manage internal requests - tasks you ask of your staff in support of provision of your request answering service - its a tool that allows you to manage ALL of the things your service's staff are doing.


Automatically gathered data can be used in search functions, building a comprehensive knowledgebase, and for powerful statistical reports.



Leverage data automatically collected by RefTracker

  • RefTracker automatically saves all questions for a searchable knowledge base for librarians.
  • Designate questions as knowledge base or FAQ to make them searchable by clients.
  • Powerful statistical reports can be created from automatically collected data in RefTracker.
  • Export raw data for further analysis. 
  • Record Staff time used and costs, and create reports to help you leverage your resources.



Built in tools for quality control

  • Store canned messages to ensure common questions are answered with a standard pre-approved response.
  • Word processing style editor for formatting responses.
  • Templates for emails minimize response typing and provide a corporate style.
  • See all times in your local time zone - no confusion as to deadlines.
  • User permissions allow for responses to be checked before sending.
  • Review time recorded by staff.
  • Housekeeping happens automatically, including things like automatic reminders when end users to do not reply to requests for more information.


Create Subject Guides for internal use or to assist patrons with research 

  • Create content pages for whatever your Company's needs, or, link to your already existing Subject guides.
  • Subject Guides can be limited to staff or accessible to patrons or both.  
  • Easy to use editor allows you to create hyperlinks, insert images and format text - just like using word processing.

Although RefTracker is already a powerful information request management system it is also extremely flexible and can be integrated with many of our other services such as RefChatter, and RefStaffing to accommodate all your needs.

Easily integrates with other services

  • Chats or text messages that need further research can be easily imported into RefTracker as a ticket with a simple click of a button.
  • RefTracker is fully integrated with DeskStats for quick recording and reporting of "on the spot" services.
  • RefTracker can be configured to lookup or import/export data from other systems.  For example: - automatically insert bibliographic details about requested items from your catalog , add in client contact details from a human resource system, take time records out to a time billing system, and more.

Different workflows for different types of work

  • Handles as many different types of requests as you need.
  • Request forms and staff workflows ensure that all the data needed for statistics is always collected.
  • For each type of work set different data to be collected about the client, their request and about the answering process (Resources used, Time used, etc.).
  • For each type of work set different Allocation, Target response times, Email templates to be used, whether clients will be asked to provide service evaluation, and more.
  • Ready-Made workflows are provided for ILL, Document delivery, Copyright and more. Make workflows for Approvals, Digitization, New item evaluation, and more.
  • Proactively advise staff or shared email addresses when work needs to be done, or see it all from the Open questions screen.

Altarama's expert support staff will setup your RefTracker system and customize it to fit your needs.  We provide training and support so you can get the most out of your information request management system.


System setup, configuration and support  

  • Initial setup of either hosted or in-house system to reflect how you operate.
  • Live webinar or on-site training for administrators and staff.
  • Customize color, logos, email templates and header/footers to blend with your companies current look and feel!
  • You can make changes to form layouts and workflows at any time, without IT assistance.
  • Altarama does more than just support our product, such as providing new and improved request answering workflow advice.
  • User sign-on and security setup, with staff access customisable at the individual level.




Work as a team to respond more efficiently
especially in work from home scenarios  


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