RefTracker Express Benefits


RefTracker Express is an affordable request management solution for small organizations that need many of the functions and features usually found in solutions for larger organizations.

Based on Altarama's RefTracker platform, and hosted and administered by Altarama's support experts, RefTracker Express is the perfect option for smaller libraries and other information centers that want sophistication and simplicity in a system for managing the full range of request workflows they face.

Do more with less - use RefTracker Express!

Improved Service

  • Provide responses faster by using tools that reduce the typing involved such as standard clauses and email templates.
  • Improve the quality of responses through use of pre defined text and workflow controls.
  • Requests are never lost or forgotten when in RefTracker.
  • When support or guidance is needed, Altarama's staff provide fast and knowledgeable help!

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Improved teamwork

  • With everything about a request in one place, work can be easily passed between staff according to their skills and availability.
  • Work can be auto-allocated to the most appropriate staff.
  • Flexibility to work how you need to work and where you need to work.
  • Each user sees RefTracker how they need to see it for their workload.

Reduced time and costs

  • Removes duplicated research through use of previous work in the knowledge base.
  • Removes the separate step of recording statistics.
  • Less time to create and analyze statistics.
  • Free regular administrator training webinars.
  • No need to involve your IT department.

Better Management

  • View and manage the entire workload from one screen.
  • Better statistics to justify staffing and resources.
  • Option to review work of trainees before sending.
  • Helpful standard reports, and the ability to export all data for any other analysis you may need.

Delivered ready for use, yet can still be customized to meet your specific requirements

Ready to use "Out of the Box"

Start using RefTracker Express today with no need to involve your IT team. We do all the setup, support, and training!

Variety of ways to receive requests

Questions arrive from a linked or embedded form, or can be imported from email, or entered through your own staff.

Relevant and useful reports

Statistics and summary reports give you a clear view of what kind of requests your staff is receiving and can help you better manage your organization's resources.

Knowledge base you can customize

The knowledge base can be customized by selecting what information will be presented to the client, while allowing your staff to browse your entire knowledge base. This allow previous answers and search strategies to be easily reused.

Simple, affordable pricing

RefTracker Express includes many of the basic features of RefTracker but with an attractive price point for smaller companies that don't need all the bells and whistles of the full version of RefTracker.

System that grows with your needs

We believe RefTracker Express will fit the needs of a great many of our customers out of the box. If you company needs a bit more functionality, then  additional forms and products, such as DeskStats, RefChatter, RefStaffing can be added for a nominal fee.

Self paced training

With the options of pre-recorded 'Zero to Hero' webinar series, 'have you tried this' email series and/or live presentations, our goal is to ensure that you have all the tools necessary to successfully use your system right out the gate!

Unparalleled, unrestricted free trial

Our trials are fully-featured, last 60 days, and have no strings attached. During the trial, you'll build your real service, putting it into production before paying even a dime.