RefTracker Express - Ready to use out of the box!  Designed to meet the needs of smaller libraries, museums, archives and business research teams.

Ready to go, easily customized forms

  • RefTracker can be installed and ready to use with no company IT involvement.
  • Comes with four standard forms that are ready to use out of the box and yet customizable to meet your specific needs.
  • Forms can be customized with your company logo and color scheme for better web presentation.
  • Housekeeping is done automatically so there is no administration role required.

Takes incoming requests from multiple sources

  • Staff can manually enter information requests for patrons.
  • Forms can be accessed through web links by patrons to submit requests. 
  • Forms can be embedded on a web page. 
  • Requests can be submitted via email and automatically imported into RefTracker Express.
  • RefTracker Express can be integrated with RefChatter allowing you to handle incoming chats and texts. 

RefTracker Express can grow with you by allowing for the addition of forms or modules, such as DeskStats and RefChatter.

Features can be added for a small cost 

  • If our standard forms don't meet your needs additional specialized forms can be added.
  • Additional incoming email addresses for specialized processing of incoming email.
  • DeskStats can be added to RefTracker Express
  • Additional users can be added as needed.
  • A time and cost management module can be added.
  • Additional locations can be added.
  • ILL, Document delivery, Refer and Redirect process can be added.

RefTracker Express can also be used with RefChatter

  • Adding RefChatter allows patrons more options on when and how they can submit requests.
  • Chats can be tagged for follow up into RefTracker Express from RefChatter.
  • Customized chat widgets can be placed on your web page.
  • RefChatter is perfect for quick questions that don't necessarily need research.  If follow up is needed, send it on to RefTracker Express!

Comprehensive statistical reporting to let you know what types of requests your staff is receiving.

Comprehensive Statistics for all data captured

  • Comprehensive statistics are gathered automatically.
  • Built in report writer makes analyzing statistics easy!
  • Detailed stat tracking of all types of work you manage through RefTracker Express.
  • Statistics can be exported into Excel for further analysis.
  • A summary of your request statistics can be obtained with just a few clicks. 

Comprehensive training is provided via webinars, live presentations, and by our 'Zero to Hero' email series.

Comprehensive Training

  • We provide you with your choice of training videos in our Zero to Hero email series or a live walk through demonstration!
  • Training is provided for both Supervisor/Administrator as well as staff.
  • Technical support is provided for any issue or questions that may arise using our product.
  • Free! No obligation, 60 day trial.  This comes complete with setup and training.  Try before you buy!