Information delivery organisations such as Libraries, Business data research centres, Museums, Galleries, and Archives, use RefTracker to finally get control of both the timeliness and quality of their reference responses, to easily and (where appropriate) automatically assign requests to reference staff, and to make re-use of responses to recurring questions simple and accurate.

RefTracker plays the central role in creation of an environment where library staff can deliver quality information and instruction to clients using a variety of contact methods including email, web forms, desktop sharing applications, person to person, phone and more. It automatically captures statistics about the requests being handled and the effectiveness of library resources in handling them.  It even allows you to manage the other tasks that your staff do in support of your request answering service, whilst keeping administration work statistics separate from your end user service statistics. 

With RefTracker, reference and research staff work together more effectively in organisations of all types and sizes where there is a need to deliver reference services in a timely, quality-assured manner - especially important in work from home scenarios. In particular, where patrons are remote from library staff, or where staff is spread across multiple locations, RefTracker provides a degree of visibility and control that is unmatched in other commercial or home-grown reference management products.

Altarama understands the importance of your request answering functions to the future of your information delivery service.  When a service is this important, you need specialised tools that allow you to deliver the best possible services because they reflect how information delivery organizations operate. Whether you call it Library Request ManagementResearch Request Management, or even Information Request Management, take a look at RefTracker.  It is the most effective solution you will find for your needs, because we specialise in what you do!

Contact us for a brochure detailing the features that distinguish RefTracker from all other solutions for managing requests in Libraries, Research centres, Museums, Archives, and other information delivery organisations. RefTracker has the complexity essential to large organisations like State and National bodies, the reliability and responsiveness required by organisations with time critical workloads like Special and Legal libraries, yet the simplicity of use required to deliver cost effective returns to all types of information delivery request answering services from large to small.

RefTracker can also be used with Altarama's RefChatter online reference product, providing a full suite of options for managing requests no matter how clients like to contact your organization - web forms, walk-ins, phone, email, IM, SMS, and chat widgets inserted in your web pages or social media. Staff can use our products at their desk, at the information service desk, on their mobile phone or tablet, or even from home.

If your information delivery service is important to your organisation you need the most capable request management system, and RefTracker is it!  For those with straight forward operational requirements RefTracker Express is simple to use and set up, but, if your operations are complex, RefTracker is the only information request management system with the options required to handle your needs.

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Clever Request Management


  • See and control what’s really happening to reference requests.
  • Reduce or eliminate redundant work.
  • Allow your team to work more efficiently as one team.
  • Includes DeskStats features for statistics about work that does not need follow up.
  • Produce meaningful statistics just by providing responses.
  • Customize forms, reports and workflows, whenever needed, without IT assistance.
  • Create an editable knowledge database based on local policies and preferences.
  • Web-based so there is no software to download. It can be hosted by us or you.



"RefTracker has been a boon for us, and I appreciate the consideration and assistance we always get when we contact you."  - Barbara B. Information Services, State Library