Announcing RefTracker release 3.4

RefTracker 3.4 is now available for all customers!  This is an exciting new release with a new look and some important new features.  Here's a quick view of just some of the features that will have you wanting to upgrade to this release:

For ends users, a fresh new look and new features like in-form attachments


Staff also get a fresh but familiar look, while adding requested features like an option for the Answer screen to default to Close


Relevance based searching is easier, much more comprehensive, and more flexible


You can now simultaneously search QuickText AND your RefTracker knowlege base for easier access to previous answers


RefTracker now manages your total workload - requests AND staff tasks, with separate statistics


Flexible new reopen process with reopen, deny, evaluation and new request options

Failed to respond background process can automatically remind and/or close outstanding clarification requests

Just bcc: work done outside of RefTracker, and a new question and answer will be automatically created

Even more reporting flexibility eg new "time to close" report

. . . .  and more . . . 

Contact us for more information or a demonstration of the new features.