Responding to requests is a key operation for Archives and Altarama has the experience you need to help you manage and improve this function, no matter what your volume of requests. From National Archives, to local archive services, we can provide a request management solution that suits your needs, without relying on assistance from your IT department.

  • Respond to requests for assistance in using your records.
  • Manage requests to view items.
  • Comments and Suggestions.
  • Digitization requests.
  • Requests for copy quotation.
  • And, all the other things that your staff do in support of these services.  See a complete picture of your request answering service's staff workload.

RefTracker or RefTracker Express will be of interest, as will DeskStats. You may even find RefChatter of interest in relation to providing immediate assistance to your web site users.

Talk to us about all of the different types of requests that you receive and we will be able to provide ways to improve the management of them all!