Altarama specialises in improving the services provided by organizations that deliver information in response to requests. Our products can ensure the efficient operation and effective management of your users' information requests, and the tasks you do in support of those services, no matter what industry you are in!

Many organisations that deliver information in response to requests are non-revenue earning operations, and as such are often at the end of the IT department's priority list. For this reason, Altarama's request management solutions are designed to be able to be used without the assistance of your IT department. With Altarama's solutions, you are in control of your own information delivery operations. You do not need IT department assistance for setup, or at upgrade time. Without any IT experience you can change the way in which your Altarama solution operates, as the needs of your request answering service change.

Libraries, Museums, Archives and Galleries have information request services that can be managed more effectively using our products, but there are many other types of organisations that deliver information.  Some other uses that our products have been put to include:

  • Managing member information services - responding to membership enquiries, requests for information or assistance from members, and much more.
  • Managing FOI (Freedom of information) requests.
  • Responding to requests for analysis of government departmental statistical information - such as how many underprivileged families live in a particular area.
  • Accepting comments about an organization's web pages, including image collections, so that the web team can improve the pages and indexing of items referred to by those pages.
  • Responding to requests in relation to support of library management systems and other library provided applications such as Image databases - requests for running reports, adding users, fixing issues, improving indexing, etc.
  • Responding to requests in relation to support of records management systems - requests for running reports, creating files, deleting files, requests for training, etc.
  • Managing information about items and queries about those items, such as a non circulating book collection, or information about "news worthy" people, or providing information from a collection of technical manuals and materials samples.

Our solutions can be applied to any situation where a request (or implied request) is made and information is provided in response.  Because you can customise the Altarama solutions without the help of your IT department, the range of uses is limited only by your imagination.

If you want more control over how your information delivery service operates, talk to Altarama about just how easy that can be using RefTracker or RefTracker Express, DeskStats and/or RefChatter.