Altarama specialises in improving the request answering services provided by libraries through the efficient operation and effective management of requests submitted by library users, and the tasks required to run the service.

No matter what type of library, Altarama has experience in providing solutions to managing all of the different types of requests and tasks that you handle, while creating statistics that reflect the different types of services and tasks that you deliver.

  • National libraries, and State libraries (RefTracker including DeskStats, and RefChatter will be of interest)
  • Public libraries of all sizes (RefTracker or Express, DeskStats and DeskStats Plus, RefChatter and RefStaffing will be of interest)
  • University libraries (RefTracker or Express, DeskStats and DeskStats Plus, RefChatter and RefStaffing will be of interest)
  • Government department, including Health libraries (RefTracker including DeskStats, or RefTracker Express will be of interest)
  • Corporate and other special libraries (RefTracker including DeskStats, or RefTracker Express will be of interest)
  • Law libraries (RefTracker including DeskStats will be of interest)

RefTracker provides to the reference function of libraries, what good circulation or cataloging modules provide to their respective departments: excellent tools for front-line staff; visibility to help managers manage, and great statistical data to inform administrative decisions. RefTracker is the missing module for your Library Management System! For the things that are not done by your LMS, RefTracker ensures the work is done on time (or the response is delivered on time), whilst it gathers meaningful statistics including measuring time spent and costs incurred and the level of appreciation of the services you provide. RefTracker Express is for smaller libraries and can be upgraded to a full RefTracker system.

DeskStats can be purchased separately or as part of RefTracker or RefTracker Express, and provides a unique "one click" way to gather and analyse statistics about services provided (usually at service desks).  DeskStats can be upgraded to DeskStatsPlus to gather more complex statistics and information about requests that need follow up by other areas.  They can also be upgraded to a full RefTracker system to provide efficient responses and management of requests that need followup.  

RefChatter provides chat - a communication method appreciated by younger audiences, and a handy tool for answering short questions. RefStaffing allows your chat service to operate for longer hours, at a very affordable price.

Although the reference function of libraries was the first area that our solutions helped, it soon became clear that many other areas of libraries can benefit from the workflows provided by our products. Here are just some of the types of library requests and tasks that Altarama request management products are handling:

  • Literature searches
  • General reference requests
  • ILL and document delivery requests
  • New item requests
  • Comments and suggestions including web site comments
  • Local history and Community information requests
  • Copyright clearance, Digitization requests and managing the digitization process
  • Collection development – managing donation offers and purchase opportunities for rare or historical items – prevent your staff from bidding against each other!
  • Managing workflows that need approval, and billing for services
  • Subscription and eResource renewal requests
  • Staff tasks such as setting up a display, evaluating a new online database for purchase, etc.


"Altarama is one of my favourite companies and on the rare occasion that I run into issues, I’m excited to send in a help ticket because I know that not only will the problem be fixed quickly, but the exchange will leave me energized!"  - Lola W. Reference Librarian, Community College.