Altarama specialises in improving the request answering services provided by business information research centers through the efficient operation and effective management of requests submitted by their users.

Altarama has solutions for managing all of the different types of requests that you handle, and the tasks required to support your service, while creating statistics that reflect the level of different types of services and tasks that you provide.

RefTracker is the key tool for business data research teams, ensuring research requests are answered on time and with less effort, whilst it gathers meaningful statistics including measuring time spent and costs incurred and the level of appreciation of the services you provide. RefTracker Express is for smaller research centers and can be upgraded to a full RefTracker system.

DeskStats can be purchased separately or as part of RefTracker or RefTracker Express, and provides a unique "one click" way to gather and analyse statistics about services provided (usually at service desks).  DeskStats can be upgraded to DeskStatsPlus to gather more complex statistics and information about requests that need follow up by other areas.  They can also be upgraded to a full RefTracker system to provide efficient responses and management of requests that need followup.  

RefChatter provides chat - a communication method appreciated by younger generations, and a handy tool for answering short questions.

Here's just some of the things that your Altarama Request Management tools can manage:

  • Research requests
  • General requests such as opening hours
  • Loans and document delivery requests
  • Comments and suggestions including web site comments
  • Copyright clearance, Digitization requests and managing the digitization process
  • Managing workflows that require approvals, and billing for services
  • Subscription and eResource renewal management
  • Staff projects like setting up displays, evaluating new online databases,etc.


"RefTracker just keeps getting better and better!"  - Director, Medical Resource Centre