Altarama Information Systems was formed in April 2001 in Sydney, Australia. In October 2003, we expanded to include offices in Orem, Utah, USA and now have staff on three continents. Our goal is the provision of products and services that facilitate better services, provided more efficiently, for information request answering services like libraries, museums and archives. We are independent, and so can consult without bias, no matter what collection management system, or information source suppliers, you use.

Decades of experience have shown that the traditional collection management system software does not have components to assist the reference librarian or information request answering professional. We provide the “missing module” in the form of software and tools specific to this profession. This unparalleled range of software tools assists libraries, museums and archives to resolve long-standing request answering challenges and helps reference and information request specialists to enjoy greater personal and professional satisfaction in their work.

Over the past two decades, we have welcomed hundreds of libraries and research services to the Altarama family and provided the tools necessary for the tracking of millions of patron and information requests.  We've also successfully taken our expertise developed with libraries into other areas where information delivery is the key role of the request answering service, such as Museums, Archives, Member information services, and more.

Our highly qualified team provides exceptional service to our customers. Employees average over 20 years of relevant experience. These seasoned project managers, qualified librarians, exceptional information workers and highly skilled computer analysts are supported by our first-class issue tracking systems.

If you’ll help us understand the areas of your reference or information request operations that concern you, we’ll show you how we can bring technology to bear in ways you won’t find anywhere else. And whether you’d just like to “play with” some of these tools, or set up a formal, free trial, we’re happy to accommodate.