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The most common staff complaints about the tick sheet method of capturing reference statistics (whether paper or electronic) are either that it is too complicated to be efficient, or too simple to be useful. DeskStats is an electronic tick sheet designed specifically to fix these issues!

Staff members can record statistics with as little as a single click, they can make simple tweaks to create personal tick sheets that fit their particular workload, and they can even make on-the-fly changes as their duties change throughout the day - at the service desk, at their own desk, or using a tablet as they assist patrons wherever they are! This powerful capability makes DeskStats unique among tools available to libraries - its a highly popular feature.

Running reports is easy, too! Whether to help with staff scheduling or to inform collection development or database renewal decisions, custom reports can be generated on demand. No need for IT or vendor assistance.

“As soon as we started using DeskStats to record 'on the spot' services we noticed that there are more than you think, and they can be quite time consuming.”    Archives NZ

DeskStats is available on its own or as an integrated module of RefTracker, and is available with prices suitable for the one-branch public library through to a National Library, for government departments and Law libraries, and for educational institutions from tiny colleges through to state universities, and everything in between. If you need better statistics about services where follow up is not required - and a better way to record them - then you really should give DeskStats a try.  Fabulous for use at service desks, at phone services, by rovers, and anywhere that the majority of your questions are answered "on the spot"!

If you prefer a form based mechanism for recording, or need a combination of "on click" and more detailed recording take a look at DeskStatsPlus or even the full RefTracker product

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One Click Statistics


  • An electronic tick sheet designed for simple one-mouse-click capture of useful data.
  • Staff can make on-the-fly tweaks to capture statistics that fit what’s actually happening.
  • Excellent reports and report generator.
  • Web-based so there is no software to download. It can be hosted by us or you.
  • Tens of millions of statistics are being recorded monthly by our DeskStats customers.


"Altarama is one of my favourite companies and it is my absolute pleasure to run reports in DeskStats almost daily!"  - Lola W. Reference Librarian, Community College.