Desk Stats Plus

Your reference service responds to a variety of types of requests, in a variety of ways, and delivers a number of different types of services.  Many are "answered on the spot" but others need follow up research.

DeskStatsPlus provides all the features of the DeskStats electronic tick sheet, and adds features to handle statistics that need more detail collected about them than can be effectively handled with a few clicks.  It also allows staff to accurately capture the details of questions that need follow up, and have them automatically directed to the right places where they can be responded to by email or through other request management processes.  Forms are designed specifically to capture the information you need, ensure a quality reference interview and allow follow up work to be directed correctly without staff having to know the right email addresses.

DeskStatsPlus provides a cost efficient solution for managing and measuring all of your Service Desk activity, with the benefit of being so easy to use that Service Desks can be run by staff with little training (such as by students).

DeskStatsPlus can be easily upgraded with individual RefTracker or RefTracker Express features (such as creation of a Knowledge base, and the ability to monitor requests that were not able to be closed on the spot), or to full RefTracker or RefTracker Express if you need fully integrated management of the questions that need follow up, and handy tools to make answering those questions much more efficient than via email based services.

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Manage your Service Desk


  • All the electronic tick sheet features of DeskStats.
  • Plus form based capture of detailed statistics.
  • Plus forms to control the Reference interview and delivery of information about requests that need follow up, to the right place to deliver that follow-up. 
  • Excellent reports and report generator for simple and complex statistics and requests sent for follow up.
  • Web-based so there is no software to download. It can be hosted by us or you.