You offer a range of excellent online reference services but can't cover all the hours you want to be available, or perhaps you don't have an online reference service yet, and need one.

When your own staff cannot be there, or you need them in other areas, Altarama can provide options to extend your service with excellent staff who specialise in delivery of online reference, and are familiar with your reference policies.

Cost effective pricing can open opportunities to deliver your service in better ways, for longer hours and with automatic rollover to our service during busy periods to deliver a more responsive service. We can even staff your service 24/7!

“This service has shown its value during our lockdown periods.  It played a vital part in the library been able to provide a quality reference and information service when our libraries were closed.  Well done everyone.”    National Manager, Library Learning and Teaching

If you already use Altarama reference service products, the work that you contract to us is totally integrated with your normal operations so that statistics provide a complete picture of our service and follow-up is fully integrated with your normal operations.  If you don't, we'll give you access to our products so that you can monitor the level and quality of service being provided.

Do you need to offer a Library service but don't have any qualified librarians?  RefStaffing can even do that!

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Extend your operating hours


  • Extend your reference service outside normal working hours.
  • Delivered agreed policies and services at an agreed, remarkably cost effective, price.
  • Access statistics and responses that verify the level of service.
  • Use Altarama products 24/7 or pass follow up work on to your existing services.