RefTracker Express

RefTracker Express is a version of the RefTracker Information Request Management System that starts delivering benefits from the moment you start using it, with minimal training and set up time required.

It has been designed to meet the needs of smaller libraries, museums, and archives, at an appropriately modest cost. Right out of the box it can accept general reference requests, comments and suggestions, article requests, new item requests, knowlegebase entries, and staff tasks, and can automatically create questions from emails. Further your staff can enter requests on behalf of clients who contact you face to face or by phone. It is designed to support up to five concurrent staff operators working at a single location, and provides a full suite of client interface features that are able to be inserted in your web pages as easily as a hyperlink.

It is a Software as a Service (cloud based) solution that is delivered ready for use, yet can still be customized to meet your specific requirements, and enhanced with all the features of the full RefTracker system should your organization grow to need them.

Altarama understands the importance of your request answering functions to the future of your information delivery service.  When a service is this important you need specialised tools that allow you to deliver the best possible services because they reflect how information delivery organizations operate. 

RefTracker Express can also be used with Altarama's RefChatter online reference product, providing a full suite of options for managing requests no matter how clients like to contact your organization - web forms, walk-ins, phone, email, IM, SMS, and chat widgets inserted in your web pages or social media. Staff can use our products at their desk, at the information service desk, on their mobile phone or tablet, or even from home.

If you need to manage a small information request answering service more efficiently RefTracker Express is the way for you to be up and running at a modest cost and with minimal effort, while assuring that your organization has a system that will grow to match your needs. If your information delivery service needs are become complex, RefTracker is the only information request management system with the options required to handle your needs, so its ia comfort to know that you can upgrade whenever you need to.



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RefTracker versus
RefTracker Express


  • Libraries, museums, archives and other organizations around the world use RefTracker to manage reference request operations, and have benefited from its flexibility and power.
  • For libraries with needs that are less complex, but who nevertheless require a feature-rich system for managing requests, we created RefTracker Express.
  • RefTracker Express starts with a more limited range of options and customization tools, and carries a substantially smaller price tag.  But only the features that you need.
  • RefTracker Express is a hosted services that allows you to operate independent of your IT department.
  • Since we introduced RefTracker Express, the library community has confirmed the need for just such a package: powerful features, easy implementation, lower price, with the option to add features as needs arise.