fast solutions for your Covid-19 service changes
fast solutions for your Covid-19 service changes



Information Request Management

"Management is committed to recognition that our online reference services are essential and not secondary to face to face. RefTracker, RefChatter, and RefStaffing are key to us having achieved that."  
- Digital Services Library Manager (post Covid-19)

Do you operate a service that provides information in response to requests?  Are you a Library, Gallery, Museum, Archive, Knowledge Management team, Business Data Research team or any other organization that specializes in provision of information in response to requests?  Whether you call it Reference Request Management, Library Request ManagementResearch Request Management, or even Information Request Management, we do exactly what you need!

Altarama has more than 20 year's experience helping information organizations like you to run their request answering services more efficiently, whilst generating statistics that validate the incredible value of the service you provide.

We are specialists in the request answering functions of your information service and we recognize the importance of those services to your organization's reputation today, and into the future.  Our vision means we partner with you to provide more reasons for end users to seek out and use your services, to provide responses more efficiently, and to measure the impact of the work required to provide those services as the volume of electronically available information increases.

Altarama's web based products are specifically designed to help information delivery organizations manage the intake, assignment and response development for each request, as well as enable the construction of a more useful, reusable, work product.  Responses can be delivered in the most efficient ways no matter what the size or requirements of your organization and no matter what communication methods or other tools you use.  And detailed statistics are generated just by doing that work.

We understand the importance of your request answering functions to the future of your information delivery service, and when a service is this important, you need specialised tools that you control, to allow you to deliver the best possible services because they reflect how information delivery organizations operate.  Let us help your staff work together more effectively as one team so they can be recognized as the indispensable information assistants that they are!  

Altarama's Information Research Request Management products are:


Everything you need to manage and report on requests


"One click" statistics for your service desks


Chat or SMS/text with your end users

RefTracker Express

RefTracker request management features for smaller information services

DeskStats Plus

DeskStats tick sheet plus complex statistics and pass on requests needing follow up work


When your library reference staff can’t be there, ours can!