About Altarama

Altarama Information Systems was formed in April 2001 in Sydney, Australia. In October 2003, we expanded to include offices in Orem, Utah, USA. During this time, we have welcomed hundreds of research services and libraries that track millions of information and patron requests.

We help our clients resolve long-standing request answering challenges and enable staff to enjoy greater personal and professional satisfaction at work.

Our owners, librarians and tech experts come to work every day, bringing decades of experience with library technology.

Our name

We pay our respects to the Australian first nations people with our company name, Altarama, and pay tribute to their culture with our logo and colors from the Australian outback.

Altarama is an Australian aboriginal word meaning “to find”, so very relevant to the skilled staff who use our products to manage their work of finding information for their requesters.

We are proud to be a supporter of the wonderful Indigenous Literacy Foundation that aims to raise indigenous literacy levels through the supply of language and culturally appropriate books to indigenous children.

We acknowledge and pay our respects to the traditional custodians of the lands in which we operate and and are pleased that we can assist in celebrating their ongoing culture and contribution to society though our work with customers that preserve and share our collective cultural heritage.

Our mission

Helping our clients achieve “strategic asset” status within their organizations.

We work every day to empower our clients in the pursuit of their institutional objectives.  We ensure our world-class software and unparalleled professional support enables them to offer better services, achieve greater efficiency, and deliver visible value to important stakeholders.  The key measure of our success is when a client ceases to be seen as a “cost center” support expense, and is viewed by its institutional leaders as a key strategic asset.