RefTracker is the most comprehensive reference and request management system available, and is customized to be as simple or complex as you need. Installed internally or hosted by us, it helps you manage the growing range of workflows you face without any help from your IT. Rich with features and functionality, it can track both external requests and tasks assigned internally – with separate reports run on each.

Have a degree of visibility and control that is unmatched in other commercial or home-grown systems.

Gain Unparalleled Efficiency

Better Management

  • View and manage the entire workload on one screen.
  • Accept, assign, refine and answer every type of information request imaginable.
  • Handle both internal and external requests (with separate statistics) in one place.
  • Provide responses faster by using tools such as standard clauses and email templates that reduce typing involved.

Relevant & Powerful Reports

  • Run statistics on as many data elements as you like.
  • Create, save and auto-schedule customized reports.
  • Better manage your resources with a clear view of the kinds of requests you are receiving and from whom.
  • Demonstrate your value to both staff and stakeholders.

Enhanced Collaboration

  • Allow your staff to work more efficiently as one team, even over multiple time zones and languages.
  • Easily pass requests between staff according to their skills and availability – essential in work-from-home scenarios.
  • Auto-allocate to the most appropriate staff.
  • See how and where you need to work. Every user sees dates and times in their local format and local time zone.
  • Each user sees RefTracker how they need to see it for their workload.

Reduced Time & Costs

  • Streamline your work processes to create maximum efficiency.
  • Remove duplicated research through use of a knowledge base.
  • Track the value of work done verifying the value of your services vs. its cost to run.
  • Take less time to create and analyze statistics.
  • Attend free regular administrator training webinars.

“Integrating Reftracker into our site makes it not just useful, but also plain-out attractive to patrons, and that prompts them to utilize our services much more than they ever did!”

– Legal Library Director

Variety of ways to receive requests

Fully integrated with Outlook, requests can be automatically imported from a central email or be easily forwarded into RefTracker when received individually. Unlimited forms can also be created to guarantee you are collecting all the information you need from your patrons, each having its own URL that can be embedded directly on a webpage or placed anywhere as a link. Forms can also be manually submitted by your own staff using your customized forms.

Integration with other services

Automatically insert item data from your library catalog, obtain client contact details from your membership database, pass data collected in RefTracker to your billing system, and more. RefTracker can also integrate with many of Altarama’s services such as RefChatter and RefStaffing.


Created to include many of the standard features of RefTracker, but with an attractive price point for smaller companies that don’t need all the bells and whistles of the full version. Express is perfect for professionals looking for both sophistication and simplicity.

Designed to support up to five concurrent staff operators and provide a full suite of client interface features that are able to be inserted in your web pages as easily as a hyperlink.

Instantly ready, with no need to involve your IT team. We do all the setup, support, and training. Immediately begin accepting information requests, comments and suggestions, article requests, new item requests and more, as well as tasks assigned to your staff.