Request Management for Information Services

Deliver efficient, high-value request services to your clients and become a more visible, strategic asset to your organization.

Take your request management to the next level

  • Deliver responses to your end users in a more timely fashion
  • Develop responses more efficiently with productivity tools
  • Measure the value of the services you provide
  • Ensure your policies and procedures are followed
  • Enable easy staff collaboration whether local, home or across the globe
  • See and manage your team’s entire workload in one place
  • Run and tune your service with little or no IT assistance

Our Request Management Tools

Altarama’s browser-based platforms are used by information organizations of all types and sizes to fulfill information and research requests of all kinds.

Smart design means these platforms empower staff to manage request intake, response development, resource allocation and a knowledgebase of work product for easy re-use, reports, statistics and more.

Created specifically for information delivery services, Altarama’s products optimize efficiency, with extensive flexibility to fit each client’s current and evolving needs.

Organizations We Serve

Versatile by design – and benefiting from 20 years of client contributions – our proven request management systems are used by organizations that vary in type and size, but with the common mission of serving clients’ information needs.

While they go by many names (information research center, research support service, library reference service, collection information service, etc.), all benefit from our support of unique workflows and service model evolution.

What Our Users Are Saying